The Real Horror Movies (Part 1)

I have been a horror fan all my life. I have seen so many horror films that I don’t get scared very easily anymore. Everything has gotten so predictable. I don’t know if any of you have the same problem as me. Finding a good horror movie is pretty hard. Everything nowadays is the same. … Continue reading The Real Horror Movies (Part 1)

Why you should watch Orange Is The New Black

If you've never seen it, you probably heard of it. The TV-show Orange Is The New Black. A TV-show that's about a women's prison. A lot is happening in this prison. The thing I like the most is the rollercoaster you're in when you are watching. It goes from funny and happy to sad and … Continue reading Why you should watch Orange Is The New Black

5 tips for these cold times

The days are getting shorter. The dark time of the year has started. And I know, I am not the only one who really has to get used to this every year again. I wouldn’t say I hate it but I definitely don’t like it. It’s the weather, the cold, the rain but it’s also … Continue reading 5 tips for these cold times