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Basic doesn’t necessarily means boring. Of course it’s nice to put a lot of effort in your outfit. But some days you just want to snooze a little bit too long and don’t feel like spending much time to put on some clothes. Here are some of my favorite basic looks.

What is more basic than black and white? It has always been a great combination. Combining a white T-shirt with black trousers is a nice way to keep contrast. If you are careful about your outfit you should wear a white pair of trainers as well. I love white shoes but I just can’t manage to keep them clean for a long time. Wearing old school Vans is a great solution for me. The shoes are basic and still have some white details which are easy to clean as well. And they only cost about 70 dollars!

One of my favorite basic brands is COS. COS is H&M’s chic little brother. The clothes are timeless, the fits are perfect and the fabric is of good quality. It really feels luxurious. The looks are very clean but combining it with sneakers and some cool accessories you can give it more of a streetwear look if that is what you want. The price of the items are a bit higher than what we are used to at H&M. But the quality is definitely a lot better.

 If you are looking for a more street style outfit. Here are some inspiration outfits. Buying items like this does not have to be expensive. I don’t have a lot of money to spend and I always manage to find the best clothes. Going into town for some shopping is always a fun thing to do. But I have to admit I ordering stuff online is way better. I can always find that one thing I am looking for. Just browse through websites like ASOS and and you will definitely find that perfect outfit.

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