Food trend: Bowls

A while ago a new trend in food was happening. Food bowls. The recipes are delicious, easy to make and very cheap as well! A food bowl actually looks like a big salad. Only the ingredients are not mixed. They are separated in the bowl. Most of the recipes are very healthy and often vegan. It’s not only about what’s in it but also about the look of it. Combining the different colors of the ingredients is a part of preparing the dish.

The idea of food bowls started a long time ago in Buddhism. It is said if you hold the bowl in the palm of your hands, you are psychologically more aware about your meal. You will also have a bigger chance to catch all the flavors that are in the bowl. Also because the ingredients are separated, so you can dose them yourself. Here are my favorite recipes thanks to This is my favorite recipe website. I know these are in Dutch but believe me, by looking at the photo you know what to put in the bowl.

Falafelbowl: This was the first bowl I made. I love the combination of hot and cold ingredients. The humus in the middle was a nice extra touch. I recommend to make your own humus so you can create your own type of humus. Just like I said by looking at the picture you know what ingredients to buy. The ingredients are tomatoes, cucumber, grilled sweet potato, couscous, raw spinach, falafel, and red cabbage. Easy, fast and really delicious


 Poké Bowl: This one is my all-time favorite. It’s because I am really into Asian food. This dish is a sushi roll before the rolling part. The basics of Japanese cuisine are in this bowl. Again with this bowl it is really nice you can dose it yourself. The flavors are amazing so it’s really nice you can choose what flavors you want to combine. The soy sauce on the side is the finishing touch. I am a big fan of sushi but I like a bowl like this even more. 


Taco Bowl: This one is a really cool way of using the Mexican cuisine. Who doesn’t like Mexican food right? These are just typical, basic Mexican ingredients which I think are necessary with every Mexican kind of dish. Makes sure you buy your avocados on time because if your avocados are not ripe enough, the dish is not complete. If you like spicy food you can spice it up yourself with some chili peppers.




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