Sporty Streetwear

I think we all know the biggest fashion trend at the moment. Sportswear. From comfy sweaters to fashionable joggers. Everything is possible. I think it is a trend we all like because we all feel comfortable in sporty clothes. Not only the usual sport brands like Adidas and Kappa respond to this. Also the world’s biggest brands like Zara and H&M are a part of this comfortable way of dressing up in the morning.




If we look back now, we could have see this coming. A while ago a new development was happening in shoe business. The new trend was: trainers. And I’m not talking about the usual trainers like Nike Dunk and Jordans. I am talking about really sporty shoes. The kind of shoes you would wear when you’re going to the gym or going for a run. Trainers you would make fun of a few years back is someone was wearing them. It makes a lot of sense, that after this new shoe trend, clothing turned sporty as well. Why only wear trainers when you’re whole outfit could be sporty but still on point.


I wouldn’t call it sportswear now but more street wear. It started with some hoodies and cool track pants. But new even a full track suit with a bumbag and a pair of Nike Air Max 95 are a great look.



Nowadays everything has to be fast and easy. Think about traveling, computers and phones. So why shouldn’t be our clothing fast and easy as well? Wearing clothes with a sporty touch are comfortable to wear and they suit every scenario. Whether you’re at work or at a festival. You’ll always look good.



A thing we notice is that this trend takes us back to the 90’s a little bit. The wide track pants, sporty trainers and not to forget, the bucket hat. Wear those and add a nice bumbag and some white socks and you’ll be ready to go.


A pair of joggers and a sweater now doesn’t look like you’ve rolled out of bed without having a shower first. It’s a fun, fashionable and comfortable way of expressing yourself.


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