5 tips for these cold times

The days are getting shorter. The dark time of the year has started. And I know, I am not the only one who really has to get used to this every year again. I wouldn’t say I hate it but I definitely don’t like it. It’s the weather, the cold, the rain but it’s also it’s a reminder that the past year is almost over. Another year has gone by and you start thinking where the fuck you have been the last year. It all went so fast you can’t even remember it. So I thought it would be nice to give you some tips and try to make the best out of it. Stay strong!



I know this is the most obvious thing to say but I still had to share this with you. There are so many movies and shows you can watch. Most of it is crap but you watch it anyway and after a while you start to like it because you’re only used to crappy movies now. At least that’s the thing here in the Netherlands, our Netflix sucks a little bit but we still pay for it because we have to do something right? And for those who think they don’t want to pay for something like Netflix, believe me, you do, cause there is nothing else you can do this time of the year.


2.Don’t go outside!

Try to stay inside as much as you can. You don’t want to be in that cold too much. You don’t want to get your clothes wet because of the rain. Your winter clothes are the best ones you have cause summer clothes suck. Not only because they look the same every year, but also because you just can’t show off. When it’s cold outside you want to be warm and show like 6 items you bought. And the clothes in general look better cause they don’t have these boring, juicy colors and of course, they don’t have those hideous flowers. Every freaking piece of clothing in summer has flowers on it, and I’m not talking about the pretty ones..


 3.Buy everything!

To avoid your winter depression, you have to keep yourself happy. And obviously nothing makes a human being more happy than buying stuff. Admit it, everyone enjoys it. Even if we have practically no money left, we still buy the stupidest shit. We don’t care, we want to feel happy right? And of course in this period of darkness we have to be even happier. So go buy a puppy, a PlayStation, some new outfits, a car and of course, buy some cozy stuff for your house because you have to stay inside all the time.


 4.Get that tree!

It doesn’t matter which month it is. Even if it’s September. Get that bloody Christmas tree! It is one of the cozy things you had to buy from the previous tip. The tree will remind you every day, that it’s almost Christmas. So you think the dark times are almost over. One month after Christmas, everything will gently start going back to normal again and you can start worrying about your body that soon has to be a summer body but will never be a summer body because by the time you convinced yourself to go to the gym, summer is already over and you’re shopping for Christmas trees again.



Of course it’s totally okay to smoke some weed. Especially when it’s this time of the year. And let’s face it, marihuana never killed anyone, but alcohol on the other hand.. But that is going to be a different kind of blogpost. So since you have to stay inside all the time, watching Netflix and maybe ‘’chill’’ a bit, you might as well smoke a nice joint, just to worry a lot less. Get that stress out and just forget about the darkness that is going on outside. Of course not every day and only when you’re 18 years and older.














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